KIT NUIT POUR TENTE DE TOIT AUTOHOME AIR-CAMPING / OVERLAND SMALL. A positionner sous le matelas pour permettre à l'air de passer entre le matelas et la base de la tente. A similar rubber tube fitted inside the fabric runs around the entire tent roof for extra stability and soundproofing in the wind. Air-Camping (Overland and Overzone, members of the same Autohome family) was my first choice for the adventure I had ahead of me, initially on my own and then with my family. Land Rover has teamed up with specialist Autohome to develop a bespoke roof tent for the New Land Rover Defender 110. Art. Rubber is fitted specifically for this purpose to prevent damage to the bodywork. They do not go out of shape during opening and closing of the tent or under load, with people inside. They simply hide condensation from view, without preventing it; and solar or battery-powered fans are also rather inefficient. This is safe and prolongs the life of the tent. The rubber is sewn into the fabric. Velikost: 180 x 220 cm. Today, the concept is largely but not completely accepted. Fidèle à elle-même depuis 30 ans ! The result is a quiet, healthy environment when it rains. It is incomparable to the standard and it features an innovative weave so fine that it does not allow the passage of any kind of insects. For everyone, not only for those who turned travel and outdoor life into a passion, "Maggiolina" and "Air Camping" are an historical synonym for roof tents. Count the number of stitches: the fewer the better. The tent stays perfectly taut and the “veil” effect prevents tearing and damage from the wind. Roof insulation with air gap is an exclusive Autohome Airtop 360°tent feature. Ouverture/ Fermeture Après avoir retiré la capote, la … You might think that such a man is solitary, a true loner, but Jürg is quite the opposite: to begin with, he is accompanied on his adventures by Doris Sollberger, who shares his achievements. Stowing for travel is quick and easy. Tente de toit Air-Camping - Autohome. Since 1958 they have created a whole range of innovations and successful products. The double clip prevents the bands from hanging off, thus avoiding the annoying tinkling caused by the breeze and the wind. THE ORIGINAL BY AUTOHOME® Air-Camping ist seit jeher Synonym für textile dachzelt. Jürg Sollberger is a traveller who has often done things ahead of time. Opening and entrance at the side of the vehicle. Depuis 1964, ces modèles de tente de toit se distinguent par leur originalité, leur forme et leur simplicité de montage. Autohome … Elle fut brevetée en 1959 et elle est depuis 1961 une marque déposée au niveau international. According to our testers’ experience, we have understood that also Overland verandah shall be independent. Camping fact: The faster the tent gets set up, the sooner the outdoor fun can begin. The flywheel is a practical way of opening the tent, but useful for closing too: you don’t have to climb up over the vehicle to close the tent! R/TOP - S cm 180x180 Art. ... This is why he is sharp, rational and very meticulous, an exceptional auto testerman, sought-after in all Europe: merciless judgements, but always well justified. K/N-ACOVL-S. 133,00 à 195,00 € TTC. Whereas Autohome aimed straight for excellence and reliability, so we chose it as a flagship manufacturer for our stores. No “balloon/ball effect” because the roof is stable, sewn tightly to the walls. Roof insulation with air gap is an exclusive Autohome feature. The result is an attractive fabric that is waterproof, stable and durable. Should the standing time be longer, the tent becomes a well-structured, comfortable and safe module, (art OL/06A) to go camping in a traditional way; this is possible thanks to its ground feet. Ever since then our hard shell roof top tents have been the choice of expeditions on all seven continents. Filet élastique perméable et anti-condensation en polypropylène très léger, qui ne se déforme pas et permet à l'air de passer entre le matelas et la base de la tente. I can consider myself justifiably a “citizen of the world”, because I’ve been to every continent. The story of Vula Netou and how she took up adventure travel is fascinating. Air-Camping. The tent is stable and does not swell in the wind. Even just a few centimetres more or less make a big difference: everything has been calculated to ensure that a person of average height (170-190 cm) can sit comfortably without the head coming close to the ceiling. Air-Camping: to live a magical adventure to the full. two adults and two children. There is no stitching in contact with water. He has a passion for the desert and Libya is constantly in his heart. Il sito utilizza i cookie (tecnici propri e di profilazione di terze parti) per garantirti una migliore esperienza di navigazione e per offrirti, quando sei online, accesso alle funzionalità offerte dai principali social network. For everyone, not only for those who turned travel and outdoor life into a passion, “Maggiolina” and “Air-Camping” are an historical synonym for … According to our testers’ experience, we have understood that also Overland verandah shall be independent. Odpiranje in vstopanje/izstopanje iz zadnje strani vozila. All of the above have made these tents legendary and enabled true motoring adventure. Air-camping Large. Autohome® mattresses ae of the highest quality and density of 25-30 kg/m³. For work or fun, he has driven in all the Continents: from the Amazon to Mongolia, from Australia to the Polar Circle, from Indonesia to South Africa. In case of loss, ask for them to the point of sale or to [email protected]> More Info, Make sure you don’t miss Exhibitions, Events and trips organized by the Autohome Club, Delivery time of products for customers residing in the European Union is 3 weeks from receipt of the order. Elastic was chosen way back in 1959 and still today is the most practical and reliable system. The air cushion obtained by the internal alveolar panel and the anti-condensation foam allow a better thermal and acoustic insulation and a healthier and more silent place to rest in case of rain. Only the high breathability and/or the excellent water vapour transmission rate can effectively limit moisture forming inside the tent, thus keeping your environment fresh and healthy. Quiet nights in marshy areas, near watercourses, on the banks of rivers or in areas where the presence of microscopic mosquitoes is very high. Air-Camping is legendary because of its colour scheme, originally chosen by the great adventure traveller Nino Cirani. The air cushion obtained by the internal alveolar panel and the anti- condensation foam allow a better thermal and acoustic insulation and a healthier and more silent place to rest in case of rain. Fabrics used: DRALON® and AIRTEX®, Tent models opening with gas springs fitted into 2 lifting poles on the sides. Just as a tree is nourished by the soil in which it is rooted, so Autohome draws from the skills and creativity of the territory, its art and culture. Réf . At sunrise, the fabric remains dark, so you can stay in bed as long as you want. Precio mostrado con impuestos de Andorra, recogida en Andorra. ), a con 8. load 25 Kg. In reality the Air-Camping fabric tent is just the one manufactured by Autohome and still made according to the original design and manufacturing processes. The standard clamps slide along the C-shaped rails to fix the tent in the desired position. The two parts of the ladder are held together by Arnitel plastic supports designed to be “open” to remove dirt ensuring a smooth sliding mechanism even on a sandy or muddy terrain. Yet there is still so much to explore and discover! Also important is the thick “anti-condensation foam” system adopted by Autohome for the lining under the roof. Each one comprises two halves, one sliding over the other, held together by Arnitel supports: an extremely strong plastic designed and manufactured by Autohome® to ensure sand, dirt or mud is not trapped in the sliding mechanism and the ladder works perfectly in all conditions. At that time everyone else was camping on the ground! All you need to add is your bedding, personal items, and camping destinations. FIXING. ESTE PRODUCTO PUEDE SER ENVIADO A PENINSULA. It will be available from September. For example, the roof - the most delicate part - is sewn directly to the side walls all along the perimeter. These are models that open and close with a handwheel, using 4 lifting poles, two at the front and 2 at the rear. No marketing strategy required, just proof of a long-lived pedigree of surviving in the field. Close the tent, remove the flywheel and it is just like locking your front door. K/N-ACOVL-S. 133,00 € TTC (Prix pour 1 KIT) Voir Commander. It is no accident that they were the first in the world to patent and develop this type of tent. Descubra todos nuestros campings Villages con una ubicación ideal en España y váyase de vacaciones al camping de su elección. The result is a tough paint, resistant to UV rays, heat, salt water and salty air, as well as aggressive solvents. CONSULTAD PRECIO Y DISPONIBILIDAD DEL PRODUCTO CON ENVíO E IVA (21%) INCLUIDO. The hood is made of strong electro-welded PVC with additional internal reinforcements. Lying in bed, a rope operates the window like shutters at home and you don’t need to leave the tent to close the windows. Excellent for many off-road vehicles. X8 X16. Make sure you don’t miss Exhibitions, Events and trips organized by the Autohome Club - Best rooftop tents, 2017 Zifer Italia srl - Autohome® International Trade Mark Registration n° 886239 - Autohome® Community Trademark Registration N° 010962892 - All rights reserved. The sponge rubber, with removable polyester/cotton lining, is comfortable and does not go out of shape. After solidifying, fiberglass is incredibly strong and light. His driving force is surely passion, but he does not let it take control. On request, for SMALL and MEDIUM. 3 - Overland is ready in a moment: your holiday can afford any comfort you would like to have. A free spirit and innovator, he has worked on projects and in situations that later became a must for adventure travel. 1.The fabric is structurally highly performing and dense, guaranteeing maximum density for the tent even if it is 2 metres above ground. Teža: cca. The special ALSS knuckle at the base of the tent is a safety lock for the ladder, making sure it doesn’t slip outward. Voir Commander . Réf . Design Made in Italy means quality, originality and style. Indispensable on the tarmac and smooth or slippery surfaces. Il arrive parfois que certaines marques atteignent un tel niveau de notoriété que leur seul nom suffise à … KIT NUIT POUR TENTE DE TOIT AUTOHOME AIR-CAMPING / OVERLAND LARGE. OL/04A - cm 200 x 200 x h 240. It is also stabilized by a core of rubber sewn carefully on both sides. For anyone sleeping well above ground these are vital features. 7,5 cm 7,5 cm. Višina - odprto: 125 cm. [ da « Elaborare 4×4 » ] Overcamp, Overland, Columbus e Maggiolina, i vari modelli di tende da tetto prodotti da Autohome, sono conosciuti dagli appassionati fuoristradisti da […] Pay attention not to lose them! These days, I travel most of the year. FOR CARS Art. Primerno za terenska vozila. In numerous expeditions and events, he has publicly thanked Autohome and spoken of its “Superior rooftent”. Home > Produits > Accessoires > Accessoires Air-Camping / Overland. 2 - Exclusive hinge system allowing the two halves of the tent base to “lock” together. It provides wellbeing, safety and comfort. The flywheel can be used to adjust the tension of the tent, making it perfectly taut: even after years of service the fabric does not loosen. The automatic pop-up, swivel opening is the main reason for the Air-Campings’ success: since 1959, it has remained unchanged, faithful to its original design and well known simplicity. It is breathable and does not require the support of additional bulky sheeting. A large number of accessories for extra comfort. Pieds. Not impressed by the huge variety of ladders on the market, Autohome® produces its own ad hoc aluminium ladders to tight specifications: light, compact, a perfect match with the tent. Now, tie-rods and handles on the edges of the shell can be whisked away with a simple gesture, eliminating the irritating noise caused by the wind. For many years, the name Air-Camping has been improperly used to mean any roof tent in fabric, whatever the shaped, type or origin. It can be folded away and stored in an anodized aluminium box to be fitted on any roof rack. ... Excellent choice but unluckily this item is sold out. The Air Top employs gas-ram activated lift arms and opens quickly and effortlessly. And yet he really masters technology! First choice materials, accurate finishes, attention to details mean that in the Autohome tent you sleep in a real bed, insulated from the heat and cold and soundproofed from rain noise. Manchmal kommt es vor, dass eine Marke einer Firma einen solchen Bekanntheitsgrad erlangt, dass der Markenname selbst für eine ganze Produktpalette verwendet wird. Attachment bars for motor cars with fitted rails. In particular, they are spacious when open and compact when closed: they leave half of the roof of a 4WD free for other materials to be loaded, an absolute necessity for adventure travel. Tissu Dralon. EXPLORER POSTAVITEV. The windows are big enough to give an excellent view and small enough not to compromise privacy. Including for Autohome. It is opened very easily from the inside of the tent, and it has a fabric roof with a mid-grey colour and side panels of dark blue. The Air Top employs gas-ram activated lift arms and opens quickly and effortlessly. Flywheel opening is acknowledged as safe, reliable and durable. Max. 6. The fabric does not “inflate” like a sail: the walls and roof are sewn together. All you need to add is your bedding, personal items, and camping destinations. The installation can be customized and adapted to roof racks of different sizes and distances between the bars, without the need for cumbersome changes or holes in the tent shell. Manchmal kommt es vor, dass eine Marke einer Firma einen solchen Bekanntheitsgrad erlangt, dass der Markenname selbst … Odpiranje in vstopanje/izstopanje iz zadnje strani vozila. No “flying” and no flapping. Excellent protection from the burning effect of the suns rays, and equally useful for extra insulation in colder conditions. Suitable for people, who “never stop”: practical and lightweight accessory. The automatic spring in the “Security Lock” locks the two parts of the ladder in position for perfect stability and, above all, safety. ), a con Air-Camping ist seit jeher Synonym für textile Autodachzelte. Plasticized surfaces should not be stitched because the stitching makes holes which tend to get bigger and bigger. No tedious manual operations to stretch out the tent or fold up support arms every time the tent is opened or closed. AIR CIRCULATION SYSTEM LARGE - AUTOHOME A positionner sous le matelas. Posso dire prima di tutto che sono tende eccellenti nell’uso e offrono grande vivibilità interna. Whereas painting the shells would make them more likely to scratch, dent and become damaged during the journey. I’ve always believed in the concept of a roof tent The advantages of an excellent roof tent are so obvious it seems strange that it took so long for the idea to be accepted. Accessoires Air-Camping / Overland. It is a reconfirmation of the commitment and top quality which makes Autohome stand out even with regards to the technological elements.” Take the word of the guru. Sa configuration particulière assure le maximum d'adhérence même pendant le voyage. The reasons for the worldwide success are based on a strong local artistic and cultural tradition. 2020 production will be updated! 65 Kg. 1959 patentiert, ist Air-Camping seit 1961 eine international eingetragene Marke. The following factors may cause the build-up of condensation in a tent: 1. unsuitable fabric (plasticized or with too much resin) 2. the size of the environment 3. moisture from human breath 4. warmth built up during the day 5. the weather (rain and humidity) 6. the warmth produced by the human body. They make cars more useful and competitive compared to the alternatives for sleeping at night. The doors are large and provide easy access to the tent. No stitching for the anchoring, the most delicate part of the tent. The breathable fabric reduces the heat inside the tent and, above all, keeps the tent dry, preventing condensation and unpleasant odours. K/N-ACOVL-L. 195,00 € TTC (Prix pour 1 KIT) Voir Commander. Dangling handles in tent shells are noisy at night due to the wind, one of the most common complaints in the sector. Le "Kit nuit" est l'ensemble original et complet d'accessoires de lit en accord avec le style et la qualité Autohome. For Explorer, the guides are moved to the holes on the Overland floor. 4. The figures speak for themselves: 168,000 km covered in 1,177 days, visiting 67 countries in 5 continents. Columbus is the top-of-the-range for frenetic globe-trotters, ideal for high vehicles and nowadays popular for family saloon cars. Without the flywheel the shells cannot be opened or closed. It can handle just about anything. Excellent choice but unluckily the item immediately sold out. - Changing room available in the 3 Overland colours: Carbon, Safari, Bordeaux and blue for the exclusive Air-Camping range. The most exclusive AIRTOP available only from the Autohome Official Shop. Il sito utilizza i cookie (tecnici propri e di profilazione di terze parti) per garantirti una migliore esperienza di navigazione e per offrirti, quando sei online, accesso alle funzionalità offerte dai principali social network. Gradually, she fell in love with the freedom of adventure travel and shared the dream of Akis Temperidis to travel the world for nearly four years. 4 - The removable inner elastic cords (supplied) make folding the fabric much simpler. Living & sleeping areas are communicating but at the same time separate rooms: it is the best solution to get a freedom of movement and at the same time a standing point of reference where tables, chairs, barbecue, food and drinks, etc. Airtop opens with gas springs fitted into the 4 lifting arms, in pairs on both sides of the tent. The experience of adventure in the desert becomes a style. His motto is: “Travel means living your dreams”. 5 - Two attached cam buckle straps keep the tent closed and compact, when sleeping bags or blankets have been left inside the tent. Indeed, he was one of the first travellers in the 90s to severely test Autohome products in Asia, contributing to the beginning of adventure travel in the Far East. OL/06A. I know from experience that Autohome roof tents last longer and provide far more protection than any other in the sector. Οι σκηνές οροφής αυτοκινήτων είναι μια ιταλική εφεύρεση, που κατασκευάστηκε για πρώτη φορά το 1958. REFRIGERATEUR TRIMIXTE XC60 - Camping Car A poser Fonctionnement trimixte : 12/220 V et gaz. So, no peeping either. Fiberglass is a compound material, obtained from sinking carbon threads into a special resin. Without noisy fans, air conditioners, suction devices and the like. The steps are oval with anti-slip surface and can be climbed with bare feet. Find out about them now! Everything is designed to withstand the wind and the “sail” effect: the roof is stitched directly to the walls with nothing dangling. 80,00 € TTC (Prix pour 1 KIT) Voir Commander .   Altura cerrada: 30cm - Altura abierta 92cm - Peso: 72kg Medidas … VERANDA INDEPENDANTE OVERLAND. The fabric is both breathable and waterproof, keeping out heavy rain. HI-TECH innovative blackout quality mosquito nets are installed on the entire series of shell blinds. You don’t change your mind after an Autohome tent, as many of my clients have proved. Autohome. Use when there is no wind. 11 cm 11 cm. Originally patented in Italy in 1959, the first canvas folding rooftop tent was named "Air-Camping". Tekstilni strešni šotor - prava legenda med strešnimi šotori. An intelligent and sensitive auto preparer, his job always starts from the expectations of the person that will travel rather than from the technical components. Side positioning: the tent will occupy only half of the car roof space. Since I use Autohome roof tents so much, I think I can be considered a top tester. To meet any additional need, they are quick to fit, easy to use and fully independent. As unlike conventional and unreliable fabrics – common in the mass market and discount stores - as possible. It is resistant to longitudinal tearing but also to tearing in the oblique direction. Pieds . Coque polyester et fibre de verre. The 2 windows are fitted with a Rain Cover allowing partial opening even in the rain, essential for a natural change of air round the clock. The width (SMALL /MEDIUM /LARGE) depends on the number of occupants. In the past, I have given technical and theoretical rather than practical advice, but now it’s the other way round. This tent opens “like a book” with 2 platforms hinged at the sides with 3 ribs supporting the fabric. Let me say they are excellent tents that can be lived in very comfortably. Produits similaires au AUTOHOME Tente de Toit Maggiolina Airlander Small Gris. She is a young, passionate woman, full of life with a history in dance, first as a performer, then as a choreographer. For many years he has been considered an expert in adventure travel. Can be left in situ when closing the tent. Originally patented in 1959, and since 1961 has held an International Brand Patent.Sometimes it happens that a company brand is so well-known that the name refers to an entire product category (the vacuum cleaner for example). It is greatly appreciated by users of 4WD vehicles and tall vans. Autres modèles historiques de chez Autohome, la gamme de tentes de toit Air Camping. The insulated roof uses the same principle as applied by the building industry to the rooftops over lofts: an air cushion is created forming an interspace connecting the inside and outside, providing extra insulation against the cold and noise, but also keeping off the heat and humidity. This is AutoCamp OUTDOOR EXPERIENCES MADE EASY. With some simple accessories the daytime area can be completely separated from the night-time area, providing maximum privacy on a camping holiday. Significant improvements over the standard Maggiolina models include a longer mattress (now 80″—6’8″ of stretch out space! Because the shell ISN’T painted at all. 7. Standard bases include 2 strong C-shaped steel bars to hook the tent onto the vehicle roof rails, using the clamps supplied. More than 70 types of fittings, in different sizes and colours. Now with more than 60 years engineering and constructing premium tents, we know what works. The opening and closing system used for Columbus has made history in the sector and has been imitated time and time again in various camping and caravan applications. All AutoHome roof top tents are supplied ready for use right out of the box—just mount to your standard roof rack cross bars, add bedding, and go! poids : 65 kgs environ. Nothing further is required! Exactly the same colours requested by Nino Cirani, and used for 30 years on his famous vehicle based raids and expeditions.