Vous recherchez un vol ? ", Points négatifs : "The company simply lets passengers board a fulled booked flight with far too much luggage. Missed flight due to huge delay in passport approval. The vegan lacto-ovo meal is disappointing. Nobod seemed to be doing anything when all at once we saw people boarding. Greg T wrote a review Nov 2019. Had to be late to work Monday morning. Points négatifs : "No vegan food available. This is the way I appreciate a flight." Points négatifs : "Hundreds of people missed their flights. Absolutely horrible customer service - do not ever for this airline! They were in the back, in a closed area, chatting among themselves." We were very happy that for the first time Alitalia didn't loose our luggage(!) Certaines difficultés rencontrées avec le site internet faisaient en sorte que la procédure pour obtenir la carte d'embarquement prenait légèrement plus de temps. The History of Rome by Titus Livius. Flights Rome to Paris at excellent prices! ", Points négatifs : "No offer of snack with no egg in it. We were left praying for a hotel on our own, as well as having to purchase new flights. Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed over 90 minutes, which seems to be a reoccurring theme as they have managed to score significant delays in both flights I’ve had with them. I have not located it since and the customer service from Vueling is horrendous - they keep running me around to different departments and sending automated responses, refusing to answer my questions. ", Points positifs : "Nothing" ", Points positifs : "Very good male crew member. Points négatifs : "The three boarding passes sent to my email with no practical option to use them", Points positifs : "Vol à l’heure, très efficace et personnel très aimable", Points positifs : "Again a lovely smooth flight that departed on time. ", Points négatifs : "Changement de porte d’embarquement au dernier moment", Points positifs : "Crew was pleasant there were many seats vacant" What a change over the years! Points négatifs : "Food was good. ", Points négatifs : "Staff was overwhelmed and not helpful. The quality of the food has dropped dramatically. Delta, Etihad Airways et Alitalia n’autorisent pas la réservation du siège du milieu sur les vols Paris Charles-de-Gaulle - Rome Aéroport Léonard-de-Vinci de Rome Fiumicino. that was the most uncomfortable flight I've had in a long time and I travel often. Points négatifs : "The seats were uncomfortable for this length of flight and space very limited. ", Points négatifs : "Vol retardé de 35 minutes, le son des messages de l’esuipe Casse les oreilles et on ne comprend rien. Paris Aéroport (Paris Airports) is the airport authority that owns and manages the fourteen civil airports and airfields in the Île-de-France (Paris) area. Very disappointed. I’d had no breakfast and that was the only option. EVER! We had a tight train connection to Granada and didn’t want to miss it waiting for luggage. Les voyageurs arrivant de ce groupe de pays devront remplir un formulaire d'auto-déclaration précisant la raison d'entrer/revenir en Italie et sont soumis à une période d'isolement de 14 jours. During our transfer in Paris, my mum had a medical emergency and had to go to the medical centre. Pour l’itinéraire retour (Aéroport de Rome Fiumicino - Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle), on trouve en général les meilleures offres le vendredi et le jeudi les offres les plus chères. Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed for an hour which made me late for where i needed to be", Points négatifs : "1h de retard pour décoller", Points négatifs : "Vol annulé pour l’allée, retard de Palma à Barcelone, et ensuite retardé d’en 2h30 de Barcelone à Nantes. Points négatifs : "Check-in was a zoo. Space between seats was minimal. Great collection of international quality movies." Not great. ", Points positifs : "short flight but managed to get some coffee/food, very helpful and polite crew as always", Points positifs : "Was good space." Points négatifs : "We were slightly delayed and found it difficult to understand some of the announcements from the crew. The comfort was below standard and needs to be improved. Bekijk Expedia’s selectie van 14025 hotels en accommodaties in Roissy-en-France. ", Points positifs : "Boarding on time. Breakfast a simple brioche with nothing to add to it. Hotel after missing connection flight." Points négatifs : "Rien de relou", Points positifs : "Service très agréable personnel sérieux et appliqué" Not sure if they knew Passenger status or what. Search for Rome flights on KAYAK now to find the best deal. They seemed completely unprepared. Vous pourriez par exemple vous envoler vers Aéroport de Rome Fiumicino avec une compagnie aérienne, puis repartir pour Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle avec une autre. Points négatifs : "Rien à signaler", Points positifs : "Flight was on time. #2 Best Value of 32 places to stay in Roissy-en-France. ", Points positifs : "Crew was nice and friendly" ", Points positifs : "Boarding was seemless and nice" ", Points positifs : "Once arriving in Rome, the agents were very helpful in getting us a hotel for the night. ", Points positifs : "Flight on time" It would have been a better process to have allowed passengers more information prior to arriving in Rome at 22:00" But the staff at the counter were quite helpful. Points négatifs : "Thr flight was delayed by 2 hours", Points positifs : "Nothing" The CDG-Paris trip through route no. Dit is de perfecte vertrekluchthaven als je in Rotterdam of een andere omgeving woont. Not a good way to start a vacation. ", Points négatifs : "Limited space. Very small, low-resolution, seat-back screens with a luggish & outdated interface. Points négatifs : "Boarding was an hour before take off. Can’t wait for the return leg.....", Points positifs : "Nice and efficient crew, clean plane and sits, sat in Exit row so quite comfortable", Points positifs : "Oui" 93KAPLAN 260 views. Pendant le vol le repas était sympa e bon. BOOK WITH PEACE OF MIND . ", Points négatifs : "Seats far too small and uncomfortable. ", Points négatifs : "We had booked a weekend getaway, first the returned flight was cancelled and changed for a later one that didn't work for us (we couldn't get to work on time), we managed to change that for another flight the day before, shortening our vacation, then, when we got to the airport, an hour before boarding, we find out there, without warning, that the outgoing flight had been cancelled! Points négatifs : "food is expensive", Points positifs : "Turist class is now low cost class too" Just in a rush to get rid of us. Room to spread out." Moreover, the whole business processes that Vieling use are just dijointed. The agents were more interested in gossiping and were constantly on the phone or running in and out of their stations. The repeated assurances of “a 10 minute or so delay” were obviously not correct. Rating is for the Paris Airport, not the flight crew or Air France employees. the cabin crew looked harassed." L’équipage très sympathique et souriante. I’m sure here was a link somewhere - but could I see it?! Une des hôtesses devait être dans un jour compliqué vu qu’elle n’a pas lancé un seul sourire à personne", Points positifs : "Crew were v good" Points négatifs : "Nothing much to add for a short journey. Points négatifs : "There was a delay which was communicated, inflight entertainment could have been better", Points positifs : "Crew was very nice" ", Points négatifs : "40 mins inside the plane before departing with temperature 30 Celsius when aircondition not functional", Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed ninety minutes and caused us to miss our connection. We will NEVER fly Alitalia again. Points négatifs : "Having a well stocked Duty Free Items would be nice, tried to order items and was told they are out of stock. ", Points positifs : "Whenever I travel air France I get a reminder of what customer service looks like on a flight. Excellent service, excellent food, excellent staff and young fleet of aircrafts. The #1 Best Value of 32 places to stay in Roissy-en-France. Points négatifs : "None", Points négatifs : "Arbitrarily the British Airways agents at the gate would decide what carry-on would have to be checked as cargo. Iberia wouldn’t let me on the plane." Pas de sourire. Not many passengers so crew let us move around", Points positifs : "I didn't" Prices refer to lowest available return flight, and are per person for the dates shown. ", Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle (CDG) ", Points positifs : "Boarding & crew (inc ground staff & check-in) all good." A bumpy flight all flight. The flights are subject to seat availability as well as variations in the price and tariffs. Alcohol-wise they served only wine in coach, which was also available throughout the flight at the self-service station by the galley, Overall, I would rate the my flight as just Okay." For the price I paid and the duration of my flight (12 hours from LAX-FCO) I wish I chose a different airline. Thank you", Points positifs : "Best airline in Europe! Translated from the Original with Notes and Illustrations by George Baker, A.M.. First American, from the Last London Edition, in Six Volumes (New York: Peter A. Mesier et al., 1823). Exigences d'entréeRestrictions spéciales pendant la période de Noël : entre le 21 décembre et le 6 janvier, l'obligation de fournir la preuve d'un test COVID-19 négatif sera temporairement supprimée. For a couple months nothing changed, except the way the crew dressed. Points négatifs : "The baggage machine at Athens that my friend used seemed to be faulty when the same bag was checked on another machine it was kilos lighter. ", Points positifs : "Le paysage." ", Points positifs : "n/a" Now, 13 hours after arrival in Malta, no one can tell us where our luggage is!! And then we were told that my 1 bag would cost $53 to check-in and that I would have to go to another counter in a far away part of the airport to pay...and we had 20 minutes before boarding. Les voyageurs arrivant d'Australie, du Canada, de Géorgie, du Japon, de Nouvelle-Zélande, de Roumanie, du Rwanda, de Corée du Sud, de Thaïlande, de Tunisie et d'Uruguay sont soumis à une quarantaine de 14 jours.Les voyageurs en provenance de pays qui ne sont pas énumérés ci-dessus peuvent uniquement entrer en Italie pour des raisons spécifiques (comme pour des raisons professionnelles, sanitaires ou étudiantes ou pour une urgence absolue, revenir à domicile) et non pour le tourisme. De oppervlakte van Roissy-en-France bedraagt 14,1 km², de bevolkingsdichtheid is 167,9 inwoners per km². Left out hotel at 3.15am. Vliegen naar Rome is heerlijk snel en gemakkelijk. ", Points positifs : "Nothing" How far is it between Rome and Roissy-en-Brie. et le présenter aux autorités à leur arrivée. Points négatifs : "Little hot on the plane", Points négatifs : "the food is terrible. I missed my connection! Points négatifs : "Food. Very poor crew attitude", Points positifs : "Love the friendly crew and the great food and service", Points positifs : "The food was very good and the crew was very nice." Seat gave bum axhe after 45 minutes. Les gouvernements régionaux d'Italie peuvent également imposer des restrictions aux voyageurs de certains pays étrangers, et les voyageurs ayant l'intention de voyager ou de revenir en Italie sont invités à vérifier si de nouvelles dispositions ont été introduites par leur région de destination.Exigences spécifiques de quarantaineLes voyageurs arrivant de pays européens (à l'exception de la Belgique, de la France, des Pays-Bas, de la Tchéquie, de l'Espagne, du Royaume-Uni et de l'Irlande du Nord), de l'espace Schengen, d'Andorre, de Monaco, de Saint-Marin et de la Cité du Vatican peuvent entrer dans le pays sans devoir justifier leurs raisons de voyage et sans devoir s'isoler.