At the same time, the team was able to qualify for the first time in the FIFA World Cup in 1978 after a remarkable performance in the qualifiers led by a distinguished generation such as Mokhtar Dhouib, Néjib Ghommidh, Raouf Ben Aziza and Tarak Dhiab. The team succeeded in crowning the 1963 Arab Nations Cup to be the first championship for the team, after achieving impressive results, including winning over Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Kuwait. 0:23. Entraineurs de foot. Recognized as a public utility, the FTF has since invested in its dual mission of promoting football and managing the national competition as well as the different teams representing Tunisia in international competitions. With Maâloul having already resigned, the Dutch coach Ruud Krol took over for the two-leg playoff, but Tunisia lost 4–1[35][36] to Cameroon and Krol himself then resigned let the Tunisian team go in a bad way. Hossam Hassan is the most of Egyptian players participating in the games of the Pharaohs against the Eagles of Carthage with 12 games, while Wahbi Khazri comes as the most of Tunisian players to participate in their matches against Egypt by 3 games. Je suis jeune entraineur ivoirien residant en tunisie,je souhaite suivre une formation en europe pour entraineur de 3eme Demande de bourse de perfectionnement entraîneur de football - 2 messages . Cliquez sur le thème de la formation à Tunis qui vous intéresse : Les modules de formations à Tunis disponibles sont nombreux et vous perm… [5] Despite this early success, Tunisia did not enter the Cup of Nations again until 1976 in Ethiopia, and did not qualify for one until 1978. HTML-code: Copy. Entraineurs de football - Pyrénées-Atlantiques. In the finals they failed again in the group stage after a draw in the first round with Saudi Arabia 2–2 in Munich. Between 2008 and 2014, local journalists accused the Tunisian team for their poor performance. Belgian coach Georges Leekens was appointed in early 2014 to try and revive the team's fortunes. The team's colours are red and white, and the Bald eagle its symbol. Tunisia qualified for the quarter-finals of the competition for the third consecutive time with difficulty after the defeat in the first round of Nigeria and the victory over Congo and draw with Morocco as the team managed to qualify for the semi-final by overcoming Egypt before they lost three to Cameroon and finish the competition in fourth place with a loss from South Africa on penalty shootout. The Tunisians often host their matches at the Stade Mustapha Ben Jannet in Monastir which has a capacity of 20,000. Entrainment with friend's. The last defeat of Algeria against their neighbors dated back to 20 January 2017 during the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations which was hosted by Gabon. Most of Tunisia's home matches are played at the Stade Olympique de Radès in Radès since 2001. Early results were positive, including a (1–1)[37] draw against Colombia and a 1–0 win over South Korea,[38] both in friendly matches. Taoufik Ben Othman was appointed who was the former assistant coach of Chetali in the team of 1978 team. Mokhtar Tlili was appointed coach but the results did not improve by not qualifying for the African Cup in Algeria 1990 after the heavy defeat to Senegal, which precipitated his departure and the arrival of Antoni Piechniczek again and did not succeed in the World Cup qualifiers in 1990 after the defeat in the last round against Cameroon to be contracted with coach Mrad Mahjoub. Entrance Preparation Bridge Course After SEE And 10+2 . Calendrier de Championat de tunisie 2009 2010 www.dimagoal.Com. [43][44] At the finals of the tournament, Tunisia finished top of their group for the first time since 2008 winning Zambia 2–1[45] and drawing with Cape Verde[46] and DR Congo[47] with the same result 1–1 but were eliminated in the quarter-finals after a controversial 2–1[48] defeat to the host Equatorial Guinea making CAF banned the referee Rajindraparsad Seechurn for six months for his "poor performance" at the tournament. The former coach of Côte d'Ivoire Henryk Kasperczak was appointed, and the team's results were gradually improved. However, he failed to qualify for the 1986 African Cup of Nations after the defeat to the Libyan team, which was strong in that period. Currently, the Algerians dominate the head-to-head record and international achievement, nonetheless, in official competitions, Tunisia proves to be more dominant than Algeria. Par ailleurs, le Nigeria a livré également une prestation tout juste moyenne. La prolongation de Nabil Maaloul à la tête de l’équipe tunisienne est une bonne chose, ce qui confirme la confiance des structures sportives dans le staff technique tunisien, un bon choix intelligent pour les deux parties. Entraineurs de football - Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Source: FIFA, Lemerre era: African domination (2002–2008), All-time record against FIFA recognized nations, Matches in the Olympic Games and against Amateur sides are not considered full 'A' internationals by, List of Tunisia national football team Competitive records, Tunisia at the African Nations Championship, List of Tunisia national football team managers, 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualification Group J, 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification – CAF Second Round, List of Tunisia international footballers, List of leading goalscorers for the Tunisia national football team, Tunisia women's national under-20 football team, Tunisia women's national under-17 football team, "Liste des matchs internationaux de la Tunisie", "Le Populaire : journal-revue hebdomadaire de propagande socialiste et internationaliste ["puis" socialiste-internationaliste]", "Éliminatoires CAN 2021: Wahbi Khazri de retour avec la Tunisie",, African national association football teams, Pages using football kit with incorrect pattern parameters, Pages using sports table with possibly ignored parameters, Pages using national football squad player with unknown parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 December 2020, at 10:50. Lorsqu’on pense au métier d’entraîneur, les légendes du football nous viennent en tête : Zinedine Zidane, Laurent Blanc, Diego Maradona, Guardiola, etc. This choice comes after the great attendance of the Tunisian masses, which turned to Russia in large numbers between 15 and 20 thousand fans, attended and supported the Tunisian team in their three group matches of the World Cup. Tunisia advanced unbeaten from the group stage, beating Rwanda 2–1 in the opening match of the tournament before winning the second game against DR Congo 3–0, and drawing 1–1 with Guinea. In that period Tunisia qualified to the 1996 Olympic Games after surpassing Guinea. En s'engageant avec le FC Nantes, Raymond Domenech fait son grand retour sur les bancs de touche. lJais l'absence de structures ne pennet­ tait pas la poursuite de cette action. It is based in Tunis. Source: CAF, First match(es) will be played on June 2021. Last edited on 29 December 2019, at 10:16, Union Sportive Musulmane Menzel Bourguiba, Tunisia women's national under-20 football team, Tunisia women's national under-17 football team,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, OT - Olympique Tunis than Union Sportive Musulmane Olympique, This page was last edited on 29 December 2019, at 10:16. The emergence of skilled players and the rise of a new promising generation in addition to good results in the second term of Henryk Kasperczak, increased fans' enthusiasm and belief in a successful World Cup campaign. As for the Olympic Games, the results were very poor in the first game and despite the opening of the scoring by Kerrit in the third minute, but the Polish team returned in the game and won 6–1. Retrouvez la fiche détaillée de l'équipe de Tunisie de football : le calendrier, le palmarès, les statistiques et les résultats ainsi que toutes les informations sur l'équipe et le staff. [70] Nous utilisons des cookies et des outils d'analyse pour améliorer la convivialité du site Internet et personnaliser la publicité de l'Association Suisse de Football et des partenaires publicitaires. Rezultati mape Skupine za Entraineurs Tunisiens de football – Entraînement en ligne avec Coach Skal. Tunisia participated in the Africa Cup of Nations for the first time in 1962. After the independence of Tunisia in 1956, the Tunisian national stadium was Chedly Zouiten Stadium which has a capacity of 18,000 and hosted all the matches of the Tunisian team. 71 962 617 . The Tunisia national football team (Arabic: منتخب تونس لكرة القدم‎; French: Équipe de Tunisie de football) represents Tunisia in men's international football since their maiden match in 1957. In fact, their most important match was the 2004 African Cup of Nations Final in Stade 7 November in Tunisia, where the Tunisians won their first African title. Alain Giresse was abandoned despite achieving the goal stipulated in the contract, so the Tunisian coach Mondher Kebaier was called in on 27 August 2019 to supervise the team. Bertrand Marchand est l’entraineur officiel de l’équipe de football en Tunisie, élu pour une durée de deux années.Il a comme mission principale de gérer les Aigles de Carthage aux demi-finales de la Coupe d’Afrique des Nations: CAN 2012 prévue au Gabon et en Guinée Equatoriale. Watch Queue Queue The following players have been called up to the squad within the last 12 months. Fans of the Tunisian national team display the country's national flag, usually with an emphasis on the red element. Et vos billets de développement des … Eh effet après l'indépendance, le Séné/:al devait prendre en charge la formation de ses propres cadres techniques. Cette académie de football de haut niveau est spécialisée dans la sélection et la formation de garçons et filles qui en plus d’avoir un talent inné pour le football, ressentent la passion pour ce sport et sont prêts à mettre tout en oeuvre et à se sacrifier pour réussir leur rêve de devenir footballeurs professionnels. It is governed by the Tunisian Football Federation, founded in 1957 after the Tunisian independence in 1956. Tunisia went on to qualify for the 2012 African Cup of Nations and managed to qualify for the next round after beating Morocco[21] and Niger[22] and defeat from Gabon[23] but an extra-time defeat to Ghana knocked them out in the quarter-finals yet again. 1984:  Cameroon 2010:  Egypt Cette formation en une demi-journée sur « le développement de l’endurance aérobie » a permis aux entraineurs et l’équipe de la DTN d’échanger et de se donner des pistes de travail dans la préparation athlétique des joueurs de l’élite du football ivoirien. Le Français Alain Giresse a été désigné nouvel entraîneur des Aigles de Carthage en remplacement Fawzi Benzarti démis de ses fonctions le 20 octobre dernier, a annoncé jeudi la Fédération Tunisienne de Football (FTT). 0:13. Tunisia's main football rivals are its neighbours Algeria, Morocco, and Egypt, with which it shares close cultural and political relations. INJ Player withdrew from the squad due to an injury. Tant de figures du football qui consacrent leur vie à ce sport. The former Cameroon coach Jean Vincent was hired but failed to qualify for the 1988 African Cup in Morocco after defeat against Algeria. 1957:  Egypt Both Egypt and Tunisia also share a similar dubious record in the FIFA World Cup, with both teams being unable to progress beyond the group stage despite Tunisia qualifying for the World Cup five times, while Egypt qualified only three times. At the finals of 1996 African Cup of Nations, Tunisia began badly after a draw against Mozambique and a defeat from Ghana, but they finished second in their group, putting them through to the quarter-finals surpassing the first round for the first time since 1978 after winning Côte d'Ivoire 3–1. Finally, Ammar Souayah took over in time for the 2002 World Cup; The team drew in friendly matches with Norway and South Korea and were defeated by Denmark and Slovenia. Fédération Tunisienne de Football, Tunis-Ville, Aryanah, Tunisia. The overall record is slightly favorable to the Algerians with sixteen wins, fourteen draws and fourteen losses. 1994:  Nigeria 1986:  Egypt They have also been runners-up twice in 1965 as hosts and 1996, held in South Africa. समूहहरू Directory Results for Entraineurs Tunisiens de football – Entraînement en ligne avec Coach Skal. 1982:  Ghana The overall record is slightly favorable to the Tunisians as they won 16 matches and Egypt won 12 matches and ended 11 matches with a draw; however Egypt has achieved more successes in Africa than Tunisia. Mujeres Y Familias Emprendedoras Uruguay. The team did not rise to what was expected after the defeat from Portugal and the United States with the same result 2–0 in addition to the draw with Argentina 1-1 which eliminated them from the group stage. : (+216) 71 962 775 . It hosted the 1977 FIFA World Youth Championship and was completely renovated for the 1994 African Cup of Nations. Located in Radès, the stadium has an all-seater capacity of 60,000. In the next round, the results improved by beating Ghana on penalties,[83] to qualify for the quarter-finals and also beat the surprise of the tournament Madagascar 3–0[84] to qualify for the semi-finals for the first time in 15 years when Tunisia won the AFCON in 2004 before they narrowly lost to Senegal 1–0[85] in extra time after a referee dispute of Bamlak Tessema because of not giving a clear penalty to Tunisia 4 minutes before the end of the game to complete the competition in fourth place behind Nigeria. This coincided with the return of the team to the competition in the African Cup of Nations before going out against Sudan before it succeeded to qualify after the absence of 13 years in 1978 after overcoming Egypt and Guinea in qualifying. In February 1975, after a short experience of the Hungarian coach André Nagy, the coach of ES Sahel, Abdelmajid Chetali was hired. The Tunisia national football team (Arabic: منتخب تونس لكرة القدم ‎; French: Équipe de Tunisie de football) represents Tunisia in men's international football since their maiden match in 1957. Entramadas. Tunisia gained independence from France on 20 March 1956. 21 18 18 18 . Entrance … Habib Bourguiba coupe Palestine 1973.JPG 1,892 × 1,810; 1.24 MB. neur de lquipe masculine de basketball de Tunisie depuis 2004 un titre de champion dAfrique en 2011, une participation Devenir radio partenaire. 2015:  Ivory Coast Mujeres Y Familias Emprendedoras Uruguay. The match between the Egyptian and the Tunisian team are one of Africa's best and most exciting matches for their long continental history. It took only one point to qualify before the 83rd minute defeat in Mozambique to leave the place for Nigeria,[10][11] Coelho was sacked immediately and coach Faouzi Benzarti was hired to oversee the team at the 2010 African Cup; he too was sacked after Tunisia were eliminated from the group stage, drawing all three of their matches against Gabon, Cameroon, and Zambia finishing in the bottom of the group. In fact, Tunisia qualified for the African Cup hosted by neighbor Libya with Polish coach Ryszard Kulesza after being banned in 1980 African Cup but achieved negative results: drew with Cameroon 1–1 in the first game before being defeated against Libya 2–0 and Ghana 1–0 to withdraw by only one point. The Tunisian team also played a match with the Austrian team FC Admira Wacker Mödling on 30 December of the same year and managed to win 4–1 thanks to two goals from both Dهwa and Braïek and the Tunisian squad was as follows : Mohamed Bennour (then Houcine El Bez), Youssef Sehili, Azaiez Jaballah, Mokhtar Ben Nacef, Mehrez Jelassi, Abdou Béji, Ali Hannachi « Haj Ali », Abderrahman Ben Ezzedine, Hédi Braïek, Noureddine Diwa (then Khemais Ghariani), Hammadi Henia. Entrainment with friend's. लॉग इन करें. The Tunisian squad was the following: Zine el-Abidine Chennoufi, Sadok Dhaou (then Mohieddine Zeghir), Azaiez Jaballah, Driss Messaoud, Hassen Tasco, Abdou Béji, Ali Hannachi « Haj Ali », Amedée Scorsone, Hédi Braïek, Noureddine Diwa, Khemais Ghariani. The first match took place on 1 June 1957 in a friendly match against the FLN football team when Algeria was a French colony. Qu’il travaille dans un club ou au sein d’une fédération, sa mission est la même : amener une équipe et ses joueurs au meilleur niveau. 1992:  Ivory Coast The two teams are similar in terms of both having a single African Cup and the two teams have also qualified for five World Cups, despite their numerous World Cup qualifying matches. On 30 June 2008, Roger Lemerre left Tunisia after six years, the longest reign of any of the team's coaches. The team was received at Tunis–Carthage International Airport by Tunisians, provided by Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba, telling the players that they had accomplished the task of 50 ambassadors, because they contributed to the known of Tunisia internationally. In 1973, however, the team entered the Palestine Cup of Nations and won in dominant fashion, winning all six of their matches overcoming Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Yemen and Iraq, scoring 19 goals, and conceding only three with the Tunisian coach Ameur Hizem. Tunisia's national team has participated in three quadrennial major football competitions. This performance has been admired by most analysts who did not expect it, and that has contributed to increasing the number of African teams qualified for the World Cup to become two. Before independence, an unofficial team was formed in 1928, comprising the best Tunisian players from the Tunisian League. Durant cette saison 2019-2020, pas moins de 40 coachs sur soixante-quatre ont ainsi été remplacés : 8 (sur 16) en Algérie, 9 (sur 14) en Tunisie, 10 (sur 18) en Égypte, et 13 (sur 16) au Maroc. DTN-Organigramme; Formations; Equipes Nationales Jeunes. They also met 4 times in the African Cup of Nations. The Stade 7 November of Radès was filled with 60,000 spectators in the six matches of the tournament. Le titulaire d’un DES vise à piloter dans sa fonction un système d’entraînement en football, à diriger un projet sportif, à évaluer un système d’entraînement en football et organiser des actions de formation de formateurs. It organises the football league, the Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 1, the Tunisia national football team and the Tunisia women's national football team. 1965:  Ghana In fact, the stadiums were almost empty with the national team's matches in that period. Tunisia is notorious as being one of the most successful and frequent participants in major African competitions, yet failing to deliver the same expectations outside Africa. 1978:  Ghana Because of this dismal performance, Tunisian squad was heavily criticized for its unpromising performance and the team's dubious record in World Cup, and fell out of top 20 teams on FIFA ranking. They appeared in the end stages of five FIFA World Cups and nineteen Africa Cup of Nations, and featured at four Olympic football tournaments. On 27 April 2017, Nabil Maâloul returned as coach despite the disapproval of the Tunisian supporters following the failure at the 2014 World Cup qualifiers, but this time he qualified Tunisia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia for the fifth time in the history of Tunisia and the first since 12 years after winning against DR Congo,[60][61] Guinea[62][63] and Libya[64][65] in the qualification. Faking A Shot In Tennis. Le nombre de clubs a vite progressé. En Tunisie, la direction technique de la FTF a proposé depuis plus de 5 ans, sans suite, le cycle des étapes de formation d'un jeune footballeur, telles qu'elles sont définies par la FIFA, comme suit : A. de 5 à 9 ans = Éveil au football B. de 9 à 11 ans = Initiation au football C. de 12 à 15 ans = La préformation Sahli possède plusieurs offres du championnat suisse et de la deuxième division du championnat allemand suite à ses performances. They managed to qualify for the African Cup for the first time in 14 years through the qualification after overcoming Liberia and Senegal. C'est un outil de recherche riche, simple et efficace mis à la disposition des entreprises, des salariés et des étudiants à la recherche de formations et de perfectionnement. Thus, all the wins of Tunisia in the World Cup were against the CONCACAF teams. The team played some friendly matches before the World Cup with Wales (won 4–0), Austria (lost 1–2) and Chile (lost 2–3). Media in category "Tunisia national football team" The following 9 files are in this category, out of 9 total. Henri Michel replaced him, but was sacked when Tunisia crashed out of the 2002 African Cup of Nations without scoring a single goal after a draw with Senegal and Zambia and defeat from Egypt. Kulesza failed also to qualify for the 1984 African Cup after the defeat against Egypt, which precipitated his departure. share. This performance was appreciated by the Tunisian fans who did not expect this development in the team led by a new generation, most notably Chokri El Ouaer, Zoubeir Baya and Adel Sellimi. Home Latest Popular Trending Categories . Die Ausbreitung von COVID-19 führt weiterhin zu Einschränkungen im internationalen Luft- und Reiseverkehr und Beeinträchtigungen des öffentlichen Lebens.. Vor nicht notwendigen, touristischen Reisen nach Tunesien wird derzeit aufgrund hoher Infektionszahlen gewarnt.. Epidemiologische Lage. In the quarter-final, where they were eliminated in a penalty shootout by host country Burkina Faso. 98 352 531 . Between 1980 and 1992, the team managed to qualify for only two tournaments – the 1982 African Cup of Nations and the 1988 Summer Olympics – and in both they were knocked out in the first round. Linstitut Psynapse propose différents modules de la formation Coaching à Tunis. Tunisia qualified for the 2015 African Cup of Nations and finished top of their strong group including Senegal,[39][40] Egypt[41][42] and Botswana. This video is unavailable. Entramos todos, salimos todos"((Hermandad)) Entrance '21. 1976:  Morocco La Formation des entraîneurs Suisse est le centre de compétences qui assure la formation et la formation continue des entraîneurs de sport de performance et de sport d’élite en Suisse. Entraineurs de football - Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Entraineurs de Trampoline. It is governed by the Tunisian Football Federation, founded in 1957 after the Tunisian independence in 1956. 2000:  Cameroon 1988:  Cameroon, 1990:  Algeria .mw-parser-output .legend{page-break-inside:avoid;break-inside:avoid-column}.mw-parser-output .legend-color{display:inline-block;min-width:1.25em;height:1.25em;line-height:1.25;margin:1px 0;text-align:center;border:1px solid black;background-color:transparent;color:black}.mw-parser-output .legend-text{}  Champions    Runners-up    Third place    Fourth place. SUS Player is serving a suspension. In June 2015, Leekens resigned surprisingly for security reasons after he restored the glamor of the team. The Tunisian Football Federation (Arabic: الجامعة التونسية لكرة القدم ‎, French: Fédération Tunisienne de Football, FTF) is the governing body of football in Tunisia.It was established in 1957. Espérance Sportive de Tunis (Arabic: الترجي الرياضي التونسي ‎), also known as ES Tunis and Espérance ST, is a Tunisian sports club based in Bab Souika neighbourhood of Tunis, Tunisia.The club was founded in 1919, thus being the oldest active football club in Tunisia and its traditional colours are red and yellow. Bilan tunisie.png 1,378 × 652; 50 KB. [128] Only official FIFA matches are included. Tunisia is one of the most successful African national teams in competitions, having won one African Cup of Nations, as tournament hosts in 2004. 1959:  United Arab Republic Entraineurs Tunisiens de football . Entramos todos, salimos todos"((Hermandad)) Entrance '21. In June 2010, Bertrand Marchand was appointed manager on a two-year contract, with the goal of reaching the semifinals of the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations especially after the excellent results he achieved with ES Sahel at the African and international level. After the World Cup, the team managed to qualify for the 2008 African Cup after qualifying over Sudan, Seychelles and Mauritius. Tweet Share on Facebook. Tunisia went on to beat Gabon in the quarter-finals and Zambia in the semi-finals 4–2 to reach their first major final in 31 years, but lost to host country South Africa 2–0. In the second match, they made a good performance against Poland before the team lost 1–0, but in the last game it was just around the corner to win the defending champion West Germany before the game ended 0–0. In spite of that, Tunisia's national team has been set up before independence. In that period, the team qualified for the second round of World Cup qualifiers after beating Rwanda. Since that match, Tunisia has used the stadium for almost every major home game, including the 2004 African Cup of Nations Final. However, qualification started badly, with two defeats against Botswana[12][13] and a 2–2[14] draw against Malawi bringing the Tunisian team to 65th place in the FIFA rankings, the worst in its history. Entraineurs de Trampoline. The team also continued its good results before the World Cup, with a draw with Turkey[68] and Portugal,[69] with the same score 2–2, in addition to a difficult defeat against Spain 1–0 in the 85th minute. CS Hammam-Lif won the match 1–0, with Anis Ben Chouikha scoring the lone goal. The first match at the stadium was played on 7 July 2001 against between Étoile du Sahel and CS Hammam-Lif for the Tunisian Cup final. Avec cette formation, devenez coach certifié ICI. Entramadas. Tweet Share on Facebook. Tunisia are colloquially known as Les Aigles de Carthage (The Eagles of Carthage). Le sélectionneur national, Mondher Kebaïer vient de dévoiler son onze rentrant pour la rencontre de la 3e journée des éliminatoires de la CAN 2021 face à la Tanzanie. But that did not prevent them from reaching the last round of the World Cup qualifiers by beating Nigeria before being defeated in front of Algeria, which qualified for the second time. Le match opposant mercredi l'Olympique de Béja à la Jeunesse sportive de Kairouan s'est terminé par un nul 1 but à 1. In the second round the team played with Spain which was one of the most powerful teams in the world led by Raúl, Iker Casillas, Carles Puyol and Sergio Ramos and Tunisia managed to progress in the result in the 8th minute through the goal of Jawhar Mnari, but the team conceded 3 goals in the last minutes to defeat hard 3–1. Interviews exclusives, Evénements, Couvertures du championnat nationale, coupe de Tunisie, et l’équipe nationale . In the finals, Tunisia could not do better than 1998 performance, drawing 1–1 with Belgium but losing 2–0 to Russia and co-hosts Japan making the federation look for a big coach before the start of the 2004 African Cup hosted by Tunisia. 512K likes. © Internationalpennants, 2014 - Todos los derechos reservados - Tel: (+34) 91 38 877 23 They also lost to Argentina 2–1 before being defeated again, this time against Denmark 3–1. They have since qualified for three World Cups in succession, in 1998, 2002 and 2006, before returning in the last edition held in Russia in 2018. This stadium became the new stronghold of the Eagles of Carthage. Entraineurs Tunisiens de football . Entraineurs Tunisiens de football. In fact, the Tunisian team has always met with them, whether through friendly matches or World Cup qualifiers and the Africa Cup of Nations. Caps and goals updated on 17 November 2020 after the match against Tanzania. All these indicators in addition to hosting the tournament put the Tunisian team strong candidate to win the cup. Entrance Preparation 2077 and +2 classes. Espérance de Tunis win Tunisia's volleyball cup; 2021 U20 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying tournament: Tunisia to take on Algeria, December 15; Esperance unveil squad list for CAF Champions League; EST - ASS (2 - 2): Hamdou Elhouni picks up Man of the Match award; The 2021 Total CAF Champions League season kicks off this weekend Chaîne officielle de la Fédération Tunisienne de Football.